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Ian Vishnevsky -- Former Sr. Manager of FP&A, Machinima

I have known and closely worked with Mark for over fifteen years. Mark is a very goal oriented individual. He is the type of person who always creates value, drives results and achieves set objectives and more. What truly separates him from that pack is that he always delivers on the promises he makes. Mark has a strong background in management, project management, production and budget management. If you are looking for someone who can run a tight ship, reliable and can get the job done, including running productions or project management, and deliver results, Mark is it.

Rafael Moscatel -- Former Director of Records Mgmt., Paramount Pictures

I've had the fortune of knowing and working with Mark for over a decade, and throughout our professional relationship he has proven himself to be both an invaluable industry resource and a dynamic executive. Mark's commitment and relationships to his clients, his product and his peers is always genuine, ethical and enjoyable from beginning to end. His expertise and knowledge base is always growing and his expansive portfolio is a clear and impressive reflection on his excellent track record in the business.

Mark Castaldo -- Producer, Destiny Pictures

Mark Heidelberger and I met about 14 years ago and have maintained a strong relationship since. Mark has an acute business acumen, a perfect blend of creative and business skills. He is a strong and passionate producer, extremely knowledgeable and detailed in budgeting, physical production and post production. You get soup to nuts with Mark. He is one of the good guys, an honest team player. Any production would excel with him as a producer.

Jeff Rubin -- Video Producer, Editor, Animator

Mark is a great producer. He knows what he wants, and goes out and gets it. Truly driven and skilled, yet down-to-earth at the same time. My experience as picture editor on "Man Overboard" was memorable. I enjoyed working with Mark and look forward to working with him again.

Mercedes Younger -- Production Designer

I've worked with Mark for years and he is a thoughtful, creative person to work for.

Dwayne Johnson-Cochran -- Director

Mark and I worked together on the "Who Stole the Soul" documentary and he is a reliable, smart and completely professional filmmaker with a strong work ethic and boundless energy. Would love to do another project with him and recommend him highly.

Nogen Beck -- Photographer

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Mark Heidelberger on several Treasure Entertainment projects. As a director of photography, it's refreshing to work with a producer who so artfully walks the line between quality and affordability. Mark is a master of squeezing as much bang for his client's buck as possible, thereby pleasing the people he works with on BOTH ends, all while maintaining the integrity of the pieces he takes on. Mark is a package deal; he is a diligent worker, a thinker, and a communicator, and I would be the first to recommend him.

Jonathan Hoffberg -- Former VP of Business Dev., Treasure Entertainment

Mark is a very capable, natural leader who displays a tremendous amount of initiative, drive and follow through. He is an inspiration to his whole team, and his passion for film-making, development and production makes him a formidable force in all of these arenas. He is a creative himself, and loves the creative process - because of this, he is a natural partner to writers, directors, and designers of all stripes. Mark's work ethic is intense, and he expects his colleagues, clients, vendors and partners to match that intensity. He is detail-oriented to a fault, but never loses sight of the big picture. At the end of the day, if you are looking for someone to see a film or video project through to completion while maintaining the highest quality standard possible, Mark is your man.

Tracy Balsz -- Entertainment Marketing Expert, IndieMarketing

Mark was brilliant in his design of Treasure Entertainment's distribution services model for independent films. In this day and age of an ever-changing distribution landscape, having control over one's project is key. Treasure partnered with filmmakers on the distribution strategy of their project, allowing complete control over marketing costs and transparency in the accounting reporting. Unheard of and certainly a model that I recommend to all of my filmmaker clientele.

Brooke Baumer -- Actress

Mark hired me to play one of the leads in a hilarious film entitled "Man Overboard." He was such a fantastic producer, taking every necessary step to ensure the production was top-notch. He was a pleasure to work with. Everyone should be so lucky!

Brady Hallongren -- Editor

Mark is a huge asset to any production and always brings 110% to all aspects of a project that he’s overseeing. We’ve worked on two feature films together so far and I look forward to working together into the future. Mark has a clear vision of all the nuts and bolts of the filmmaking process; he can help steer a production into accomplishing the goals set forth. Mark’s vast experience and dedication drastically helps a production in whichever role he’s in, if it’s Producing, Line Producing, Production Managing or Post Production Supervising. Mark brings a lot of talent to the business and creative side, which brings great value to any project, making you thankful that he’s on your team.

Phil Lander -- TV Producer

Mark is a top notch, detail-oriented producer with exceptional creativity. He knows how to deliver projects on time and within budget. I've followed his work over the past two decades and I'm continually impressed with the high level that he performs at. I look forward to seeing his future endeavors!

Ernie Reyes, Jr. -- Actor, Martial Artist

Mark is a top to bottom nuts and bolts producer who brings tremendous value to any project. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Anne Welles -- Independent Writer-Director

Mark Heidelberger is an accomplished, experienced producer - a great guy to have on one's team. I highly recommend him!

Kevin Asbell, Esq. -- Former General Counsel & COO, Lucas Oil/Mav TV

Mark is a high-powered film producer that I have had the pleasure to know for the last 16 years. What I find most striking about Mark is his ability to understand and master the complexities that stem from the creation, production and marketing of his projects. Mark's ability to express himself creatively in a manner that brings a simple idea to fruition is complimented by his ability to explore unconventional solutions to problems that plague inexperienced film producers. Mark is a self-starter and is highly motivated. Rather than passively acquiring knowledge, Mark is a participant in life. He thinks and he has perspective. Mark is organized, meticulous and efficient. His tenacious work ethic was reflected in the classroom as a graduate film student many years ago and on and off the set while working various positions for numerous film projects. In my interaction with Mark, I have observed his natural leadership ability. Likewise, Mark's ability to listen, articulate and communicate, combined with his dynamic personality and energy, exemplify the characteristics of a great filmmaker.

Julien P. Bourgon -- SVP of Media & Entertainment, Banc of California

Mark is a highly effective producer and line producer that TDP has had the pleasure to work with. With his huge experience, high energy and detail-oriented attitude, Mark is a solid support to our US producers team. Can't wait to start our next feature prep with him.

Nick Vlassopoulos -- Actor

Mark is a knowledgeable producer who’s been around town long enough to make films in all budget ranges and knows what it takes to get the film sold. He’ll make sure the writing is solid, the cast fits the budget and that no dollar is wasted during production. I would recommend him highly.

Jenni Powell -- New Media Producer, Discourse Productions

If you want a producer who really is going to get things done and not just take a producer credit, Mark is your guy. It takes one to know one!

Shawn Austin -- President, Big Boss Creative

Mark is as thorough a producer and line producer as they come. His commitment to the project and his drive to get it done on time and on budget is evident in his work. He works fast. He's meticulous. He pushes until it's done!

Aurora Lopez Reggiori -- Producer, Actor, Writer

Mark put together for me an excellent budget for my film. He was detail-oriented and everything was well planned out. He is very attentive at listening to everyone's needs. He balances the artistic and business part for a successful and profitable project. I definitely recommend him if you are looking for a line producer.

Marty Thomas -- Director

Mark is a versatile, multi-talented producer and production manager who I've had the pleasure of working with directly on several music videos. He has a deep well of knowledge, a firm dedication to the craft, and keenly understands the needs of directors like myself. He's skilled at guiding the creative vision of a project and maximizing production value while simultaneously maintaining con-trol of the dollars and cents. If you have the chance to work with him, I would highly recommend it.

Les Brandt -- Actor

I worked with Mr. Heidelberger on a film a few years ago and during the course of the rough 3 to 4 weeks we had to table read, rehearse and shoot, I realized first hand that Mark was a very professional person. And once on location, this producer made the long working hours and days a lot of fun and added a tremendous amount of creative flow to the process. It was a wonderful experience working with Mark and his team at Big Boss.

James Ridgley -- Production Sound Mixer

Having worked on more than just a few film projects with Mark, I can say that he is knowledgeable, competent, and a force to reckon with - in the nicest of ways. He makes for a pleasant experience and a team approach to the art of filmmaking and his enthusiasm for his work and people really shows through.

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Eugene Stark -- CEO, Hoovy and Playyo

I've had the pleasure of working with Mark and he is an amazing producer! He planned every little detail of the production and made sure that everybody followed through on what they needed to do. The final project was spectacular! I strongly recommend Mark.

Carl Kirshner -- Head of Development, Highland Myst Ent.

Having worked with Mark as a producer and having been represented by him, I have no hesitation in recommending this highly professional and highly knowledgeable professional to anyone without hesitation.

Lloyd Lee Barnett -- Director, Visual Effects Guru

Mark is an excellent producer with a buttoned-down approach to any production. In short, when I'm working with Mark, I never have to worry about any aspect of the production. From SAG to rebates, Mark really follows through with every aspect of production. I would highly recommend Mark for any production that wants serious results.

JC Christofilis -- Owner, Creative Director at DILEMMA

I have known Mark professionally and personally for nearly 20 years (since we both attended UCLA's Producers Program together). Our professional relationship was cemented when Mark served as producer on my horror series Chopper, and we have since worked on numerous film and video projects over the years. Mark has proven himself to be a rare talent with deep integrity and a genuine passion for the craft that dictates every great film. I cannot recommend Mark highly enough; he is an invaluable asset to any project lucky enough to benefit from his vast skill set.

Peter R. Berg -- Colorist, Online Editor at The Garrison

I have worked with Mark on a number of feature films and it's always been a great experience. When Mark is on the team, I know the project will run smoothly and all the little details will be taken care of. Mark is an excellent producer and is someone I always want to have on the team. He has the experience and drive to make sure all the details are accounted for and that the project will finish on time, on budget, and as smoothly as possible.

Michael Sundberg -- Writer, Director

Mark is an experienced professional and a pleasure to work with. He produced my short film in Los Angeles, titled “Jacob’s Recall,” which became fairly complex logistically due to the budget, schedule and permitting constraints. The production could not have gone more smoothly thanks to Mark’s detailed planning and preparation and his pool of talented crew members. I highly recommend Mark as a film producer and look forward to completing more projects with him and his team.

Tony Ware -- Owner, Picture Perfect Film Locations

Pleasure to work with!!

Julia C. Phillips -- Screenwriter, Novelist

Mark is great to work with. Not only is he knowledgeable about all aspects of budgeting, but he willingly shares his expertise and experience. The whole process was much clearer afterward, and I was able to use it to make more considerations for my next script.

William Lu -- Writer, Director

Mark helped me navigate the treacherous waters of a first time feature filmmaker; initially coming aboard to do a budget breakdown of my script, then eventually as full-fledged producer. We went to a bunch of festivals, won several awards and got a distribution deal. I couldn't have asked for a better experience and collaboration. Hope to do many more projects with Mark in the future.

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Alexander Peter Lercher -- Producer, Director

I used to work for Mark as a production assistant many years ago; since then he has become a great friend and trusted mentor. Mark has given me many insights and pointers on both of my feature films in regards to the pre-production, production, post-production and distribution phases. I also had the chance to work with Mark again directly when he represented my German-language debut feature film that had secured distribution in German-speaking territories (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), but not in rest-of-world territories. Mark secured a distribution deal in LA and guided the process. He was very accurate and detailed in giving me distribution contract feedback to find the best solution. He assisted in final delivery (content) issues and always had my best interests in mind. He also advised on my payment and royalty collection set up. Mark is an honest, straight-forward, competent, trustworthy and loyal person.

Shequeta Smith -- President of Shero Comics, Director, Writer

I've worked with Mark for almost ten years on budgets for several of my independent films and projects. Most recently he helped me tremendously with an upcoming international documentary I'm working on. He really knows his stuff as a line producer and as a storyteller and I trust his knowledge. I've recommended him to multiple filmmaking colleagues who have all had an awesome experience with him as well. I highly recommend Mark and look forward to us working together again really soon.

Luca Bello -- Freelance Writer

Mark is a team player with a great sense of humor and knowledge of the industry. I have complete faith in his skills as a producer and in his dedication to quality. A great guy to have around.

Michael Huang -- Re-recording Mixer, Sound Designer

I've worked with Mark on several projects where he was overseeing the post production of a film; he's extremely knowledgeable about the process and made sure everything was on track to finish on time and on budget. Highly recommended!

Timothy Talbott -- Producer, Filmmaking Coach

I had the opportunity to meet and work with Mark one time. That is all it took for me to want to work with him for the rest of my career. I have had him do a few of my line budgets; they are spot on. He is the man to work with. He understand the pain points on any production and understands what is needed to complete the production. You will not be disappointed when you work with Mark.

Michael Shlain -- Director, Co-Founder of Butcher Bird Studios

I had the good fortune and pleasure of working with Mark on a commercial that I recently directed. He is a first-class producer with superb communication, follow-through and an attention to detail that made me feel at all times secure that the production was in good hands. The true test of a producer is not just in solid planning, but adapting and making sometimes tough decisions when things invariably deviate from that plan. In both respects, Mark availed himself with flying colors and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a rock-solid collaborator for their next filmmaking journey.

Athena -- Novelist, Screenwriter

Mark is a fantastic talent developer and an ongoing production resource. He speaks fluent story and script development! It’s been a privilege to work with such an ethical, build-minded developer who values the creative collaboration process. Mark is organized, dependable, current, and exceptionally trustworthy. I hope there are many more collaborations to come, as I know my projects are in expert hands with him.

Chris DuBrock -- Composer

I worked as the score composer on a film that Mark Heidelberger produced. Mark was extremely organized and attentive to all of the details of the project, and was able to present and discuss both business and creative aspects with crystal clarity. He was also amiable and created a relaxed atmosphere that brought out the best from the creatives while still nailing the deadlines and timelines.

Nishant Mathur -- CEO, Roll Credits

Mark Heidelberger is one of the most knowledgeable and friendly film producers I have worked with. He has a wealth of experience in producing music videos, commercials, documentaries and feature films for various clients and platforms. Mark is thorough and detail-oriented in every aspect of his work. He is also very honest and professional in his communication and collaboration with others. Mark also helped me understand the film industry better, and made several connections that have been very valuable for me. He introduced me to some of the best professionals in the field, and gave me useful advice and feedback on my work. He is always generous with his time and knowledge, and willing to share his insights and expertise with others. He is a mentor, a friend and a role model for me, and I am grateful for his support and guidance.


Jim Christell -- Screenwriter, Producer, President of FreeWill Films

From the get-go, Mark Heidelberger commands a keen understanding of every detail of film and television production and its application, from budgeting and development, through to post-prod, sales and distribution. Mark’s bright and energetic thought process, diligence, organizational and communication skills make him an invaluable asset to any production; and, at the end of any given day, he’s a personable guy you’d like to have a beer with.

Russ Kirkpatrick -- Producer, Co-Owner of Kirkpatrick & Kinslow Prods.

Mark is a focused, passionate and determined movie producer. In development on our property, Mark has offered insightful advice and direction. We are grateful that we have him along for the ride to reintroduce Will Rogers to current and future generations. 

James J. Jimenez -- Independent Writer/Producer

I've known Mark for three exciting years. He has always been honest and straight forward. Years ago when I was looking for an all-purpose producer for a low budget film, Mark, with his 20-plus years of professional experience, quickly became the de facto man in charge through the entire completion of the project. Because I was very satisfied with Mark's effectiveness, I hired him for a larger film project in which he continued to utilize his wealth of experience. I've since hired Mark for my third project in as many years and he has continued to impress me. I've come to realize that all my projects have increased in scope of work because of Mark's leadership. If you're looking for a production manager with a wealth of knowledge and want to place your project in front of the right people to move it forward, Mark will be there for you from beginning to end. If your project is a low budget indie or a major motion picture, Mark's decades of experience will be able to handle any and all situations. I have no reason to seek assistance elsewhere since all my projects have been moving forward under Mark's command.

Franco Sama -- President, Samaco Films

I had the pleasure of working on a film that I executive produced and he produced. Watching Mark in action on the set had me in awe. I especially admired his work ethic. He is kind, diligent, extremely committed to his craft, and one of the hardest workers I have known in the industry. After we wrapped, I got to know Mark personally and realized that his primary motive when working with writers, directors, and other producers is to be of service, to assist, educate, and above all, always reach for excellence. If you are new in the film industry or a seasoned veteran, Mark can add enormous value to your project, whether it be a script, a budget, a series pilot, or any other aspect of the process. I learn so much every time I have a call/meeting with Mark, and I not only highly recommend him, but I continue to call him to this day for his expert advice and guidance. All this not to mention his impeccable track record, which speaks for itself.

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