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I provide the following fee-based services for independent writers, filmmakers and artists. Rates are negotiable and will vary depending on the project’s scope and overall budget size.





  • Develop ideas into loglines, synopses and treatments

  • Develop treatments into full length film and television screenplays

  • Provide individual consultation on the creative direction of finished screenplays

  • Create detailed page notes, coverage and comprehensive written notes on screenplays

  • Provide copy editing services

  • Provide polishing, rewriting and ghostwriting services





  • Convert finished screenplays into professional shooting scripts

  • Create complete sets of breakdown pages

  • Create stripboards and shooting schedules

  • Create day out of days for principal cast, extras, vehicles, etc.

  • Create full production budgets

  • Provide individual consultation on all schedules and budgets





  • Assist in attaching directors, actors and other personnel of value

  • Set up development projects with domestic distributors and foreign sales agents

  • Provide individual consultation on projects throughout the packaging and financing phase

  • Create full project business plans and pitch decks that filmmakers can present to investors





  • Oversee the scouting and locking of all filming locations

  • Manage the entire production team and hire all crew members

  • Procure all necessary production insurance

  • Establish signatory status with any applicable unions

  • Hire the casting director and oversee the casting process

  • Secure all vendors, vehicles and equipment necessary for production

  • Oversee all production matters and ensure principal photography goes smoothly

  • Ensure the creation and execution of all legal documents associated with the production



  • Hire editors/assistant editors and oversee the entire editorial process

  • Hire and manage all post audio personnel, finishers, colorists, graphics and VFX artists

  • Oversee the creation and licensing of all music, including hiring composers and music supervisors

  • Schedule and manage all spotting sessions

  • Handle all post production matters through delivery of the final master



  • Oversee the creation of all key art and marketing materials from concept through execution

  • Provide consultation on marketing and distribution strategies

  • Create publicity and press before, during and after the production phase

  • Handle a project's run on the festival circuit

  • Set up completed projects with domestic distributors and foreign sales agents


* PLEASE NOTE:  I do not shop scripts, buy scripts or raise financing for projects.


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